Orthodontic Expanders in O'Fallon, MO

Supporting Your Child's Natural Growth

If your child's jaw is too narrow to support proper tooth development, Dr. Held may recommend expanders. Dynaflex Max 2000® expanders from our O'Fallon office support your child's natural development and create exceptional smiles.

How Expanders Work

We use keyless expanders for young patients who need to fix their jaw development. Doing so allows teeth to come into their proper positions and to coordinate the size and shape of one jaw to the other.

Expanders widen your child's jaws by applying gentle pressure to the teeth and jaws. The main types of expanders are palatal ("upper") and mandibular ("lower.")

Dr. Held uses expanders to encourage natural development that allows teeth to erupt into the proper positions and coordinate the size and shape of one jaw to the other.

At WingHaven® Orthodontics, we offer state-of-the-art, self-activating expanders that expand automatically and fit into your busy lifestyle since you don't have to turn them at home.

Expanders at our O'Fallon office are significantly more comfortable than their predecessors since the forces they apply are so light. And because these expanders gently reform the jaws, the results are fantastic and stable.

What to Expect With Expanders

Treatment with expanders at WingHaven® Orthodontics typically lasts between six and 12 months and can be used alone during Two-Phase Treatment or in conjunction with braces.

While wearing expanders, you and your child are responsible for keeping them clean and treating them with care, including eating the right foods to avoid a loose or damaged appliance.

Dr. Held wants your child’s orthodontic treatment to be as comfortable as possible, with incredible results. Self-activating expanders in our O’Fallon office are one of the keys to accomplishing those goals.

Expanders We Use

DynaFlex MAX 2000
DynaFlex DMAX 2000
DynaFlex MSX 2000 (E-Arch)