A More Efficient
Smile Solution

Dr. Cheryl L. Held uses Pitts21 brackets to straighten teeth and to improve smiles quickly and efficiently in our O'Fallon orthodontic office. This unique bracket system gives you a faster, more comfortable treatment experience and superior results.

How Braces Work

The first step in your treatment is understanding how braces work! First, we'll take X-rays, photos, and a digital scan of your teeth to create a customized treatment plan just for you.

Next, Dr. Held will place your Pitts21 brackets and thread a wire along each one to connect them, closing their doors over the wire to hold it in place. This wire will apply pressure to the brackets during treatment and will guide your teeth into straighter positions.

Since Pitts21 brackets are self-ligating, you'll have shorter treatment times and a more comfortable and cleaner experience.

You'll visit our O'Fallon office throughout treatment, so that Dr. Held can check on and advance your treatment progress. We'll examine your smile, coach you on oral hygiene, and answer any questions that you may have

The Pitts21 Difference

So, what makes Pitts21 brackets so special? The answer is their unique, low-profile design that features smaller, less-noticeable brackets, with a square (instead of rectangular) wire slot. This design gives you a faster, more comfortable treatment experience and reduces irritation as we straighten your smile.

Pitts21 brackets are also self-ligating, so they don't require elastic or metal ties to hold the archwire in place. Instead, each bracket has a small door that opens and closes, allowing the archwire to move freely and to apply the necessary force to shift your teeth.

The unique square wire reduces the amount of friction on your teeth during treatment, so that your time in braces is more comfortable. Lighter forces are healthier for your teeth and give Dr. Held more control over the straightening process, so that you'll get the beautiful results that you want—and deserve.

Maintaining Your Braces

Maintaining your braces during treatment is essential to get the best results. You should brush your teeth at least three times daily and floss daily for five minutes to avoid plaque build-up and tooth decay. We recommend using a toothbrush with soft bristles and fluoride toothpaste to clean your teeth and brackets and improve your oral health. Additionally, a Waterpik® is highly recommended.

You'll need to avoid hard, sticky, chewy, and crunchy foods that can break your brackets and bend your archwires, leading to a lengthened treatment time. It's important to attend regular appointments in our O'Fallon office to make sure that things are progressing according to your treatment plan.

Following these simple guidelines will give you a stunning smile with Pitts21 brackets quickly and comfortably.


What Makes Pitts21 Brackets Better?

Self-ligating brackets have built in doors that are a part of the brackets and hold the archwires in place ideally, making them more comfortable to wear, cleaner, and more efficient at moving teeth. That means that your time in braces will be shorter, and there is no “tightening” of the braces. Old fashioned braces with color ties are not as efficient, as the color ties stretch out and don’t hold the archwires in place ideally. Additionally, color ties are not as clean because they naturally collect plaque.

Pitts21 brackets are smaller and less noticeable, giving you a more esthetic option when compared to traditional metal brackets. This makes braces a better fit, if you're worried about the appearance of your appliance.

Dr. Held places the Pitts21 brackets on your teeth specific to your face and smile line, for a completely personalized, faster, and more efficient treatment. You'll get the best possible results, since Dr. Held pre-plans every step of your smile transformation to reach your goals.


Straighten Your Smile
with Pitts21

Pitts21 brackets are revolutionizing braces and changing the way patients and orthodontists see treatment. With smaller, customized self-ligating brackets, using a rectangular slot, you'll get outstanding results quicker than with previous designs.

If you're ready to learn how Pitts21 brackets can transform your smile, contact WingHaven® Orthodontics in O'Fallon to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Held and Michaela.