Series 2000® Expanders

Supporting Your Child’s Natural Growth

If your child’s jaws are too narrow to support proper tooth eruption, bite function, and airway, Dr. Held may prescribe keyless expanders for jaw development. The state-of-the-art, self-activating, Series 2000® Expanders gently support your child’s natural development and allow Dr. Held to create exquisite smiles. 

How Expanders Work

Series 2000® Expanders widen the jaws by applying gentle pressure to the teeth and jaws using self-activating springs. There are no screws, so no turning at home with a key is required. There are palatal (“upper”) expanders and mandibular (“lower”) expanders. Dr. Held uses these self-activating, keyless expanders to encourage natural development which allows teeth to erupt into the proper positions, the size and shape of the jaws to be coordinated with each other, the bite to be improved, and obstructed airways to be addressed.

What to Expect With Expanders

Series 2000® Expanders expand automatically and fit into your busy lifestyle, since you don’t have to turn them at home. They are significantly more comfortable than their predecessors since the forces they apply are so light. And, because these expanders gently reform the jaws, the results are fantastic and stable.

Usually in place for 6 to 12 months, these self-activating expanders can be used either alone when undergoing Two-Phase Treatment, or in conjunction with braces.

While wearing expanders, patients are responsible for keeping them clean and treating them with care, including choosing the proper foods to eat, so that the expanders do not become loose or damaged.

Dr. Held wants orthodontic treatment to be as comfortable as possible with incredible results. These self-activating expanders are one of the keys to accomplishing those goals.

To prepare for the Series 2000® Expanders to be delivered:

  1. Separators are placed and left in for a week
  2. The separators are then removed for a scan to be taken with our iTero scanner. New separators are then placed to hold the space.
  3. The Series 2000® Expanders are delivered 2 to 3 weeks later.


Separators (spacers) are small rubber bands, or occasionally wires, that are placed between your teeth to make room for the orthodontic bands or expanders that will be inserted at a later date. It is very important that the separators stay in place until you return to our office to have your bands or expanders delivered.

To Ensure That Your Separators Stay In:

  • Please do not eat anything sticky, such as: caramel, taffy, tootsie rolls, gummy bears or Snickers® bars.
  • Please do not chew gum.
  • Do not floss your teeth where the separators are.
  • Do not pick at the separators with your fingers, a toothpick, or anything else. It is easy to mistake a separator for food caught between your teeth, so be careful.
  • Brush your teeth, and use a Waterpik®, as you normally do. Some people notice that their teeth are sore near the separators, due to the pressure that they apply. This pressure is normal, but can be temporarily uncomfortable, especially when you eat. Feel free to take ibuprofen (Advil® or Motrin®) as needed for the discomfort. However, many people have no difficulty with separators. The separators will be removed before the bands or expanders are placed on your teeth.

If one or more of your separators fall out, please see our Emergencies and Urgencies page for instructions on replacement.

Expanders That We Use

DynaFlex MAX 2000

DynaFlex DMAX 2000

DynaFlex MSX 2000 (E-Arch)