Very close and never have to wait
Very close and no waits ever
This is a vary good place
I’ve told people I wish Dr. Held was trained in every medical profession- I would love for her to be my kids doctor for everything; she is that great! I’ve had 2 kiddos in here and would come back or recommend her to anyone! She came highly recommended and did not disappoint. She is extremely knowledgeable, down to earth, personable, and teaches life lessons along side her profession. My daughter was anxious, she talked her through it not just the braces but on a general “apply to all situations” terms. Dr. Held is the best by far! I can not say enough about Dr. Held and her staff- exceptional!
Response from the owner: Thank you so very much for your amazing words! 💖 I am humbled, honored, and grateful to have you and your kids as part of the WingHaven Orthodontics Family! It touches my heart when I can help in any way! We appreciate you more than words can say! 😀 Sincerely, Dr. Held
Hands down best orthodontist and staff in the area! They are so professional and friendly, and engage the kids in their dental health and journey! Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Courtney,We appreciate your positive feedback and your recommendation! We truly enjoy treating your family!
Absolutely love my current treatment plan with Dr. Held and Mikaela. I'm a little over a year in with my current plan and they are always very responsive to all of my questions and concerns. (night and day!) Each follow up visit is extremely valuable and thorough which means less visits in the office. She focuses on just you and gets to know all about what else is going on in your life as well. In addition my son is also a patient and she treats him the same exact way.
Response from the owner: Stacie,Thank you for the kind words! We are so happy with how pleased you are with your orthodontic treatment!
This is an amazing orthodontist pick them for sure they are very kind and explain everything.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Sunny! We appreciate your kind words and you! 😀 Sincerely, Dr. Held
We love Winghaven Orthodonics! The really go out of their way to make a positive patient experience every time. I love that they only schedule one patient in the office at a time, because I know we’ll never have a long wait. And we don’t! They are always on time and take the time they say they will, so I can schedule the rest of our day with confidence. They are always friendly and have really taken the time to get to know us. I highly recommend them!
Response from the owner: Thank you very much! We are so glad that you are enjoying your experience as a part of the WingHaven Orthodontics Family! We appreciate you! 😀 Sincerely, Dr. Held
Loved them
Response from the owner: Thank you, Jennifer! We appreciate your kind words! 😀 Sincerely, Dr. Held
Great place and wonderful people and wonderful services !!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Ellie! We are glad that you have enjoyed your time with us! 😀 Sincerely, Dr. Held
I love going to Winghaven Orthodontist! Dr. Held is such a sweet person and I really enjoy talking with her during my appointments. Thank you Dr. Held for making my teeth straighter. I can't wait to get them off but I will for sure miss seeing you my last appointment EVER.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kinds words, Marissa! 💖 I am so glad that you have enjoyed your journey with us, and I have enjoyed talking with you too! We will miss seeing you too! You are always welcome and will forever be a part of the WingHaven Orthdontics Family! 😀 Sincerely, Dr. Held
Dr. Held was supremely professional and explained the process very well. I had all 3 of my kids to see her. Price was not too bad either! Would definitely recommend her to do anyone’s braces!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you very much for the kind words, Constance! We appreciate them and you! Fantastic family! 😀 Sincerely, Dr. Held
The best
Response from the owner: Thank you Emmett! We appreciate you! 😀 Sincerely, Dr. Held
I absolutely LOVE being a client here! Michaela and Dr. Held are always very friendly and welcoming. They actually take the time to get to know you one in one. They gladly answer any questions I have. Very thorough when explaining treatments, preventative care, care, payment, etc. I can’t say enough good things about WingHaven Orthodontics!!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your kind words! We appreciate them and you! 😀 Sincerely, Dr. Held
We love Dr. Held and Michaela! Dr. Held is great with kiddos. Her ability to speak to children in a way they understand what is happening is unmatched. She is very thorough and so nice! My daughter is so comfortable going to the office for her appointments. And Michaela is very warm and inviting. Such a great atmosphere!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your amazing words, Ashley! I am humbled and honored! 💖 We appreciate you, and we are exceptionally glad that you and your daughter are a part of the WingHaven Orthodontics Family! 😀 Sincerely, Dr. Held
We really appreciate this office! Dr.Held is very thorough and kind. She explains everything step by step and the tools used are EXCEPTIONALLY clean!!
I absolutely love Dr. Held. Along with our entertaining appointments, she made me feel more confident in my smile. She is very caring and is an amazing person to talk to about anything! I will skip class to go see Dr. Held. Mikayla, who works at the front, is also very sweet and they both made my Invisalign journey fun despite the length of it because I got to see them!!
We’ve had such a great experience of going through braces with Dr.Cheryl Held at Winghaven OrthodonticsHer office is clean, comfortable and she is very timely. Each visit she lets you know approximately how much time you’ll spend at the office and she has it down to the minute. Which makes it great to plan my days.I always enjoy my time with doctor Heald! She pays so much attention to detail! She goes all of the extra miles for her patients and is super genuine!Thank you Dr Cheryl for my beautiful teeth! I can now smile with confidence.
Both my kids have gone to Winghaven Orthodontics. I have absolutely no complaints. Dr. Held is easy to work with, very friendly. I like the personal attention that she gave us. I like that she practiced social distancing before it became a thing with the boutique style of care. No waiting in the waiting room with a big crowd.. I could text her anytime of day, even on weekends when we had trouble. My kids are 8 years apart and I was very surprised when she remembered us when it was time for my second child to get his braces. How many orthodontist could do that? Dr. Held is all about the quality of care. There is no stacking of patients that you would have to sit and wait for a long period of time.Pros: Clean office, super friendly, high quality of care, very little to no wait time. Dr. Held is always on time.Con: none.
Dr. Held is a very compassionate and patient Orthodontist. She really gets to know your case and makes a plan that will suit your individual needs. She also takes into account what you prefer and gives options to achieve that. Her office is welcoming, very organized and clean.
We ♥️ Dr. Held so much that we used Winghaven Orthodontics for both of our girls! Our girls get compliments in their pretty smiles all the time! I would definitely recommend this place to others!
I started the process of getting braces here when I was in middle school and got them off in high school. I’m now 24 and still get compliments on my smile. I never smiled prior to the braces so it’s made a huge impact on my life. Dr. Held is one amazing, hard-working woman! Her work is thorough. She will take the time to make sure things are done right no matter what. She is also genuinely personable which isn’t something I experience often with doctors.Her practice has been rebuilt since I first became a patient, and at one point, she pretty much ran it on her own. Even though she was already awarded for her success, she continues to strive for perfection by constantly setting goals for herself and her clientele. If that doesn’t tell you how serious she takes her job, then I don’t know what will. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with her, if you’re looking for a professional!!!
We recently began the process of meeting with Orthodontists regarding braces for my son. I'm so glad Winghaven Orthodontics was our first visit because Dr. Held set the bar extremely high for our other consultations. During our consultation with Dr. Held my 11 year old son turned to me with a thumbs up saying "I really like her!" We still went to our other scheduled consultations and it immediately confirmed what we both already knew, which was that Winghaven Orthodontics is the best fit for us. Being a boutique style practice, Dr. Held is our direct point of contact and has been very easy to communicate with as she is available via phone, email, and text. Again, I am so glad we went to Winghaven Orthodontics first because the hour and a half we spent with Dr. Held was so valuable preparing us for his journey with braces. In our other consultations we had spent less than 10 minutes with the actual Orthodontist and felt like we were just another number in their larger practice. We are excited for the individualized, personalized treatment that will be provided by Dr. Held and look forward to this journey with Winghaven Orthodontics!
This is our second child going to Winghaven Orthodonics and we greatly appreciated Dr. Held. She is very professional and makes sure she explains clearly exactly what you need so there are no surprises for you financially or for the child. She helps you get to your end goal in the shortest amount of time possible. We have been very happy with our orthodonics experience and definitely recommend Dr. Held.
Our community have an awesome and professional orthodontist in Dr.held.Before I met Dr.Held, nearly all of my teeth were structurally abnormal. My two front teeth were grown into each other, making my smile look slanted.Dr. Held's years of experience made my slanted teeth grow back to about 99% normal. Now I have my confidence and shiny smile back. I am very thankful and appreciative of all her efforts. I can't say thank you enough to Dr. Held.