Treatment With
Pitts21 Braces

Pitts21 self-ligating smart braces use light, gentle forces to make your path to a perfect smile quicker, easier, and more comfortable at WingHaven® Orthodontics.

What Makes Pitts21 Different?

Dr. Held uses the latest technology of self-ligating smart braces, so you’ll never need to have your braces tightened! You can enjoy the radiant smile you’ve always wanted more quickly than traditional braces and without the need for unsanitary and inefficient ties.

All metal braces may look the same, but the small details matter most. Pitts21 changes how orthodontists think about treatment and what braces can do for your smile.

The first difference is that we don't have to use color ties to hold the wire to the brace. Even though the color ties may look nice at first, they tend to fade quickly and absorb plaque at a higher rate.

Eliminating the ties makes your oral hygiene easier to maintain because there's one less thing trapping plaque in your mouth.

The inside of the brace is square instead of rectangular. That may not mean much to you, but it gives Dr. Held the control to move your teeth quickly and efficiently, potentially shortening your time in braces.

What Are Metal Braces Made Of?

Orthodontic treatment at WingHaven® Orthodontics has come a long way since the early days of metal braces. Metal braces are the most common orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages, but today's metal brackets are smaller, more comfortable, and less noticeable.

Due to the smaller size of the brackets, modern braces keep mouth irritation to a minimum. Metal braces are generally the most durable because they are made from a mix of stainless steel and nickel. At WingHaven® Orthodontics, your self-ligating smart braces eliminate the need for elastic o-rings and make your treatment faster and more comfortable.

Thanks to our self-ligating braces, you may even require fewer officer visits compared to braces with traditional brackets. Metal braces are a cost-effective option because they don't require some of the more complex technology or expensive equipment that newer treatments do.

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Dr. Held's brackets are durable, non-toxic, and made from a mix of stainless steel, nickel, and other metals.

Brackets have little hooks or doors where Dr. Held will thread a wire. Dr. Held can then secure the bracket by closing the door to hold your wire.

Orthodontic Bands

These stainless steel rings are cemented to your teeth using dental bonding agents and provide an anchor for your braces and orthodontic appliances, but they're only necessary in some cases.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Held will determine whether your treatment will benefit from orthodontic bands.


This thin piece of metal runs from one bracket to another. Dr. Held will change the shape and curvature of the wire to move your teeth in the right direction.

In most cases, the wire will attach to your bottom or upper teeth. We might occasionally cut the wire if connecting just a few teeth is better for your treatment plan.


Dr. Held will use this to attach the brackets to your teeth.

Smart Braces FAQs